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Analyzing Different Approaches to Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Woman in face mask and gloves stares at the ceiling.
Woman in face mask and gloves stares at the ceiling.
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Their holy grail: Contact Tracing Apps

Experts have already raised concerns about the security and effectiveness of these apps. But, before we get into that, let’s discuss the analog counterpart.

For many of us, this may be the first time we have heard of Contact Tracing, but it is nothing new. Contact Tracing has been used by public health officials for centuries. Most notably, to contain STD/STI transmissions.

First, they isolate the infected person to prevent further spread…

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Carlos Eduardo Ortega is a 4th-Year Data Science Student at UC Berkeley. This post was written as an assignment for Professor Cleveland Justis’ UGBA 192E, Social Entrepreneurship, at UC Berkeley’s HAAS School of Business.

Corporations will save the world. Now, you may think I am being sarcastic, especially in the age of the Facebooks, or soon to be known as FACEBOOK, and the Ubers of the world, but I do believe that corporations are currently well-poised to initiate large-scale, efficient, and effective improvement on society across the globe.

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Recently, at work, I have been working with some Natural Language Processing techniques. Which, got me thinking. Is there any way I can use any of these techniques on my conversations.

(Un?)Fortunately, I found that iPhone backups also backup the phone’s chat logs. Following examples from Yorgos Askalidis’s blog post and inspiration from David Richard Holtz’s blog post, I did some basic analysis on my text messages.

After linking the frames I wanted to work with from the local sqlite3 database, I found I had 78,977 messages saved, the earliest being from October 29, 2016. …

An Empirical Study on the Moods in Music in the United States

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It is often said that music is a reflection of the society at that time. Turning on the news on any given day often gives bleak news of a new epidemic, or a new study on the poor mental health of the public, or any other similarly gloomy subjects. At the same time, there has appeared to be a rise in sad music especially in the world of hip-hop. Giving fame to artists like Lil Uzi Vert, best known for “All My Friends are Dead” and Lil Peep who was known as a pioneer of emo rap. Both artists are…

Carlos Ortega

Undergraduate Student & Budding Data Scientist. I love Data Science, NLP, Ethics, and Oxford Commas.

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