Data Privacy

Woman in face mask and gloves stares at the ceiling.
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A s nations around the world begin to gradually reopen, governments are looking at all options in hopes of containing future outbreaks.

Their holy grail: Contact Tracing Apps

Experts have already raised concerns about the security and effectiveness of these apps. …

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Recently, at work, I have been working with some Natural Language Processing techniques. Which, got me thinking. Is there any way I can use any of these techniques on my conversations.

(Un?)Fortunately, I found that iPhone backups also backup the phone’s chat logs. Following examples from Yorgos Askalidis’s blog post

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It is often said that music is a reflection of the society at that time. Turning on the news on any given day often gives bleak news of a new epidemic, or a new study on the poor mental health of the public, or any other similarly gloomy subjects. At…

Carlos Eduardo Ortega

Recent UC Berkeley Grad & Budding Data Scientist. I love all things Data, Civic Tech, and TV.

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